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Pediatric Rehabilitation

Pediatric Rehabilitation Services, Evaluation, Treatment Plans at Lima Memorial Health System

Pediatric Rehabilitation

Lima Memorial’s pediatric rehabilitation professionals understand every child’s clinical needs are different. Our occupational, physical and speech-language therapists work closely with you, your family and your physicians to treat a wide range of pediatric conditions.

Focusing on specialized treatment plans dedicated to infants, children and teens with rehabilitative needs, our team works collectively to provide customized rehabilitation plans to address a wide range of symptoms and diagnoses, including but not limited to autism, neurological disorders, orthopaedic conditions, genetic disorders and speech & language disorders. Our services include:

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Evaluation and individualized treatment for specific disorders which affect a child's ability to participate in the home and/or community including:

    • Pediatric balance and coordination training
    • Gait analysis and training
    • Treatment to improve endurance, range of motion and strength
    • Home exercise program instruction
    • Focusing on functional mobility and independence at maximum potential
    • Repositioning program and treatment for torticollis (neck tightness) & plagiocephaly / brachychephaly ("flat head" or abnormal head shape) 
    • Infant massage for improved relaxation and sleep, GI or colic issues, and / or neurological development
    • Appropriate recommendations for orthotic intervention and management
    • Gross motor skills assessment and developmental therapy
    • Hippotherapy (therapy on horseback)
    • Aquatic therapy (pool setting)
    • Community-based therapy with early intervention
    • Annual community-based screenings

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

    • Evaluation and individualized treatment for specific disorders
    • Developmental therapy
    • Fine motor skills assessment
    • Sensory processing
    • Integration of primitive reflexes
    • Development of appropriate socialization and play skills
    • Feeding assessment and treatment with sequential oral sensory (S.O.S.) training for feeding
    • Therapeutic listening program

Pediatric Speech-Language Therapy

    • Evaluation and individualized treatment for specific disorders
    • Articulation and speech-sound disorders assessment and treatment
    • Language evaluation and treatment to gain understanding and use of language
    • Feeding assessment and treatment with sequential oral sensory (S.O.S.) training for feeding
    • Assistive communication assessment, including trialing different devices
    • Language and articulation therapy due to hearing impairment

Request a Referral to Lima Memorial Pediatric Therapy Program

Pediatric therapy services require an order from your child’s healthcare provider. Discuss any concerns about your child with their provider to decide if pediatric therapy is the right choice and what type of therapy is best. Some children may need more than one type of therapy. For help requesting a pediatric therapy referral, or for more information, contact the Lima Memorial Rehabilitation Services at 419-226-5045.

Pediatric Jungle Gym

Rock Wall

Large Sensory Jungle Gym | The large sensory jungle gym includes monkey bars, a rock climbing wall, ladders and a steamroller slide to help with sensory development and motor skills through therapeutic play in a safe, structured environment.

Spider Cage

Spider Cage Therapy Equipment

Spider Cage | The “Spider Cage” is a pulley and suspension system utilized for children with multiple types of diagnoses and conditions to achieve functional goals.

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