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To review Lima Memorial’s Corporate Compliance/Fraud and Abuse Policy, click here.

Fraud, Waste and Abuse Prevention and Detection Policy

In compliance with DRA Section 6032, Lima Memorial Health System must provide all of our associates, contractors and agents detailed, written information about the role of all of the following in preventing and detecting fraud, waste and abuse in federal healthcare programs:

  1. Further Explanation
  2. Federal False Claims Law 31 USC 3729 to 3733;
  3. Federal administrative remedies for false claims and statements available under 31 U.S.C. 3801 to 3812;
  4. Sections 124.341 [124.34.1], 2913.40, 2913.401 [2913.40.1], and 2921.13 of the Revised Code and any other state laws pertaining to civil or criminal penalties for false claims and statements; and
  5. Whistleblower protections under the laws specified in divisions.

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