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Radiology and Imaging

Radiology and Imaging

Lima Memorial continues to invest in the most technologically advanced equipment to provide the most accurate and highest quality of care possible. This includes:

  • SPECT/CT nuclear medicine technology for bone scans, parathyroid, cardiac & sentinel node cases. This equipment combines the information from a nuclear medicine SPECT study with a CT study. This allows the information about function from the nuclear medicine study to be easily combined with information about how the body structure “looks” in the CT study.
  • A state-of-the-art, 64-slice CT scanner that can scan the entire body in about 30 seconds, producing high-resolution, fine detailed images with capability of 3-D perspective
  • MRI systems that generate superior clinical images for accurate diagnosis and earlier intervention. An open MRI system for imaging of patients who are too large or claustrophobic to tolerate a regular MRI
  • PET / CT scanning that can pinpoint the location of cancer tumors and help cardiologists examine the extent of certain heart conditions
  • 3D mammography, or Tomosynthesis. With this new 3D screening and diagnostic technology, multiple images from varying angles are taken, allowing the radiologist to see more clearly through the multiple layers of breast tissue. This more accurately detects the presence of breast abnormalities.
  • AIR™️ surface coil technology provides infinite clarity when imaging a wide-range of body types and anatomies. The AIR™️ surface coil enables our physicians to get closer to what they need to see to make an accurate diagnosis and create the right plan of care.

Advanced imaging technologies such as these enable advanced new procedures, such as minimally invasive surgery to treat delicate blood vessel aneurysms.

Radiology Specialists

Lima Memorial Radiology services are available 24/7 for any doctor-ordered procedure. As a member of the Radisphere National Radiology Group, we also work with nationally recognized subspecialty experts and academic experts in body, musculoskeletal, cardiac, oncologic, breast, and neuroradiologic imaging.

Radiology services at Lima Memorial require a doctor’s order for all procedures.

To contact Lima Memorial Radiology services, call 419-226-5055.

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