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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy at Lima Memorial includes a variety of medical and therapy services to help people who have had a stroke, injuries or other conditions regain the skills they need for their job, school or any area of life. Occupational therapy services can be found at the Lima YMCA and on Lima Memorial’s main campus.

Occupational Therapy at the YMCA

  • Upper extremity rehabilitation for orthopaedic or neurologic conditions
  • Splints and braces for hands, wrists and other joints, including custom-fitted splints

To learn more about occupational therapy services at the YMCA call 419-226-5075.

Lima Memorial Main Campus

  • Lymphedema clinic to diagnose and relieve swelling problems
  • Measuring, fitting or customizing compression garments for post-surgical swelling
  • Evaluating patient readiness to drive after treatment for neurological or cognitive impairments
  • Developmental therapy to improve basic skills for children
  • Sensory integration therapy to help adults and children use all five senses together 
  • Therapeutic listening program to help children become more focused
  • Feeding clinic for children with eating difficulties

To learn more about occupational therapy services at Lima Memorial at Lima Memorial's main campus call 419-226-5045.


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