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Years of Heartburn Relieved by Innovative GERD Procedure

Years of Heartburn Relieved by Innovative GERD Procedure

posted on: 7/19/2023 3:49:42 PM

Joyce Harris

After taking heartburn medication for a number of years and dealing with worsening gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) symptoms, Joyce knew it was time to seek a different treatment option. Joyce was referred to Dr. Jeremy Heffner of Lima Memorial Health System Surgical Specialists who recommended the LINX Reflux Management System procedure for better relief.

The LINX Reflux Management System is a minimally invasive procedure that places a small, quarter-sized band of magnetic beads around the lower esophagus to prevent acid from traveling upward. The procedure typically lasts less than an hour, and patients are expected to go home within 24 hours of their procedure—often medication free.

Joyce is happy to share that she has not needed her medication since undergoing the LINX procedure. She is incredibly thankful for the relief and amazed at the difference in the way she feels.
"This is one of the best things ever," expresses Joyce. "To have it go away after years and years is just amazing, and it's not a major surgery at all."

Thank you to Dr. Heffner and the Lima Memorial Health System Surgical Specialists team for helping patients find relief and develop a better quality of life with this procedure. This is what Great Care looks like!
Learn more about the LINX procedure or schedule an appointment with Dr. Heffner by calling 419-998-8207.

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