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Dr. Heffner Awarded Patent to Advance Hernia Treatment

Dr. Heffner Awarded Patent to Advance Hernia Treatment

posted on: 6/3/2016 4:28:47 PM

Pioneering Robotic Hernia Repair Technology 

A major complication associated with surgical procedures is the development of an incisional hernia. In fact, as high as 10% of abdominal operations will be complicated by the development of incisional hernias. An incisional hernia will occur when there is a weakness in the muscle of the abdomen that allows the tissues of the abdomen to protrude through the muscle. The hernia appears as a bulge under the skin, and it can be painful or tender to the touch. 

Dr. Jeremy Heffner, General Surgeon with Midwest Surgical Specialists and Medical Director of Lima Memorial Health System’s Trauma and Intensive Care Unit, recognized the significance of this complication and felt compelled to do something impactful about it. Four years of research, funded by the America Hernia Association, led to a patent of a new mesh for the treatment and prevention of hernias. With Dr. Heffner’s patent now awarded, the new type of mesh will go into the development phase. Once developed, this new mesh will be used for the treatment and prevention of incisional hernia sites. “This technology will allow us to continue to be at the forefront of robotic surgery and further improve patient outcomes,” stated Dr. Heffner.

Dr. Heffner is board-certified in general surgery and surgical critical care and has received national research awards in hernia and wound care. He is among the top performers of robotic hernia repairs nationally. 

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