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Care Services for Cancer Patients

Care Services for Cancer Patients

Lima Memorial Cancer Institute helps guide and support you through every aspect of the cancer treatment process. The emphasis is on education: the more you know about what’s ahead, the more you’re ready to face this life-altering disease with courage and confidence.

Caregiver Teams for Cancer Care

Many caregivers are involved in cancer care. From the moment an oncologist detects a cancer, a multidisciplinary team goes into action. Your team members consult with each other about your cancer diagnosis and the steps of your treatment plan. Your cancer treatment team may include:

  • Medical oncologists
  • Radiation oncologists
  • Radiologists
  • General surgeons
  • Colorectal surgeons
  • Proctologist
  • Pathologists
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Registered nurses
  • Mammographers
  • Scanning and treatment technologists
  • Dieticians
  • Cancer registrars and others
  • Social services
  • Palliative care services
  • Hospice services

Our staff is trained and certified to deliver oncology care, with many years of experience in cancer treatment. Their expertise is valuable in assisting you through radiologic, medical or surgical treatments and providing follow-up care. The experts in our outpatient treatment unit and home health department are trained in the special needs of cancer patients. Registered dietitians ensure you get the proper nutrition from meals specifically prepared for cancer patients.

Helping with Every Aspect of Your Health Care

The Lima Memorial Cancer Patient Services staff also serves as your personal support system. They will talk with you about your specific type of cancer and your treatment options, and assist you with many aspects of coping, including:

  • Locating nearby support groups
  • Dealing with health insurance
  • Recommending questions to ask your physicians
  • Coordinating appointments
  • Providing access to financial services, social services and pastoral care

To learn more about Cancer Patient Services, call The Cancer Institute at 419-221-6122.

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