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Area of
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Area of Greatest Need

Area of Greatest Need

Donations designated to the area of greatest need provide the hospital with the most flexibility in making an immediate impact when and where the need is greatest. These needs might include new equipment, expansion of services to a particular segment of the population or investment in technology that is not otherwise being funded. Donating to the “area of greatest need” allows the Foundation and the hospital to respond quickly and efficiently to community needs as they arise.

Chronic Disease Management Program

An Area of Greatest Need identified in 2022 is the establishment of a comprehensive Chronic Disease Management Program at Lima Memorial. Sixty years ago, chronic disease emerged as a new and dominating health problem. Today it has reached epidemic proportions, affecting more than half of the population and consuming 86% of healthcare expenditures. Patients with chronic diseases such as heart failure, diabetes, and kidney disease are often on their own to navigate their care once discharged from the hospital. A Chronic Disease Management Program will coordinate care and help patients effectively manage their ongoing healthcare needs at home. Please consider donating to this critical initiative.

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