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Same-Day Appointments

Same-day appointments, so you can choose you.

The doctor can see you. Today!

At Lima Memorial, we understand life has a pace of its own, a pace that often forces you to set your health aside. There are times, however, when your health may make itself a priority, regardless of what’s going on in your life. This is why we offer same-day appointments for a wide-range of health concerns—and same-day peace of mind. Because when the choice is being seen promptly or eventually, we want you to be able to choose you. 

Appointments offered at Lima Memorial physician offices.  

Same-day appointments are available for primary care and most specialties. To schedule your same-day appointment, please call the corresponding number of the office you wish to reach. 

Specialty Offices

  • LMHS Pediatrics | 419-998-8230

  • LMHS Heart & Vascular Institute | 419-224-5915

  • LMHS OBGYN | 419-998-8245

  • LMHS Surgical Specialists | 419-998-8207

  • LMHS Foot & Ankle | 419-998-8278

  • LMHS Urology | 419-998-8276

Primary Care Locations

  • Lima Memorial Health System Family Care | 419-227-5298

  • Lima Memorial Health System Family Medicine – West | 419-224-4646

  • Lima Memorial Health System Northland Medical Center | 419-998-8265

  • Lima Memorial Health System Ada Medical Center | 419-634-2015

  • Lima Memorial Health System Indian Lake Medical Center | 937-842-2318

  • Lima Memorial Health System Kenton Medical Center | 419-675-0668

  • Lima Memorial Health System Putnam County Medical Center | 419-523-9632

  • Lima Memorial Health System Wapakoneta Medical Center | 419-738-5151

Click here for additional information on Lima Memorial’s primary care locations.  

Please Note: Same-day appointments are subject to the time of day you call to schedule an appointment.

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