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Patient Navigation

Patient Navigation

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An Experienced, Personal Guide Between Patients and the Healthcare Team

Patients of the Lima Memorial Cancer Institute have the unique opportunity to partner with a personal patient navigator who will be the link between our patients and their family and the entire healthcare team. Our patient navigators help guide families through the complex healthcare system, eliminating confusion.
Navigators provide our patients with educational and emotional support during their cancer journey, from diagnosis and treatment, to survivorship. They connect patients with resources, such as nutrition, oncology rehab and integrative medicine, as well as social, financial and spiritual services. 
We understand it may be nice to have an extra set of ears to listen to care instructions and treatment plans, as well as make sure all questions are answered. That’s why our patient navigators are available to attend appointments and provide an added layer of support.

text that reads: "A patient navigator can make all the difference."

“The patient navigation program helps patients, families and caregivers navigate the many resources needed during the cancer journey. Patient navigators bring health care and life care together. The complexity of the healthcare system often leaves patients feeling confused, lost or alienated. The patient navigator helps patients by guiding them through the healthcare system and connecting them with appropriate resources and support.”

Darlene D. Weyer, DO
Medical Director of the Women’s Health Center at the Lima Memorial Medical Park


“When you’re told you have cancer, you’re in a tunnel, and a lot of things they tell you, you don’t comprehend. The navigator was great in telling us what would likely happen next and guided us where we needed to go.”

Cancer Survivor


Questions about Patient Navigators?

To learn how you can connect with your own personal patient navigator, speak with your physician or contact the Cancer Institute at 419-221-6197.

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