Managing Type 2 Diabetes Quiz

  • What can diabetes treatment help you do?


    A. Lower high blood glucose (“blood sugar”) levels


    B. Improve your energy


    C. Prevent problems from diabetes


    D. All of the above

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  • To manage diabetes, you need to learn how to:


    A. Test and track your blood sugar levels


    B. Know what to eat and when


    C. Take medicines, if needed


    D. Recognize and treat low and high blood sugar


    E. Learn how to manage diabetes when you don't feel well


    F. All of the above

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  • You should test your blood sugar:


    A. Once or twice a day


    B. When you wake up, before meals, and at bedtime


    C.  A few times a week


    D. It depends on if your diabetes is controlled

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  • Your doctor can give you a blood test to check the overall control of your diabetes.


    A. True


    B. False

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  • Which situation does NOTrequire you to test your blood sugar more often?


    A. Eating too much, skipping meals, eating out, or drinking alcohol


    B. Taking a new medicine or taking medicine at the wrong dose or the wrong time


    C. Having blood sugar levels higher or lower than normal


    D. Being sick or under stress


    E. Exercising


    F. Taking a nap

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  • How many days should you wait before calling your healthcare provider when your blood sugar level is higher than your goal?


    A. 3


    B. 5


    C. 8

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  • Testing your blood sugar helps you:


    A. Change your meals, activity, or medicines to keep your blood sugar levels in the right range


    B. Feel better because your blood sugar is better controlled


    C. Identify high and low blood sugar levels before you have serious problems


    D. Prevent complications from diabetes


    E. All of the above

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  • What should your LDL, or bad, cholesterol level be if you don't have any heart problems?


    A. Less than 200 mg/dL


    B. Less than 100 mg/dL


    C. Less than 70 mg/dL

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  • Which is a good blood pressure goal for most people with diabetes?


    A. Lower than 120/80 mm/Hg


    B. Lower than 130/80 mm/Hg


    C.   Lower than 140/80 mm/Hg

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  • Which of the following will NOT help keep your feet healthy:


    A. Checking and caring for your feet EVERY DAY


    B. Getting a foot exam by your doctor at least every 6 - 12 months and learning whether you have nerve damage


    C. Making sure you are wearing the right kind of shoes


    D. Getting a monthly pedicure

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  • If you have diabetes, how often should you see your doctor?


    A. Once a month


    B. Every 3 to 6 months


    C. Once a year

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