Watching for Signs of Skin Cancer

Watching for Signs of Skin Cancer

posted on: 5/31/2016 9:37:48 AM

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As people start spending more time in the sun this summer, experts at Lima Memorial want to remind individuals of ways to protect against skin cancer. They say of course regularly applying sunscreen and limiting your amount of time in the sun are important. You should also check your skin for any irregular marks that change drastically over or a short amount of time. 

Most moles and marks are harmless, but if you notice the mark becomes asymmetrical, has uneven borders or various colors, you should see your dermatologist. One oncologist says skin cancer can affect anyone. 

"They use to say that fair skin people are more prone, but if you look at different skin cancers, African Americans have a much higher propensity of developing melanoma, for example than other populations. Cure wise is even all over the board," said Dr. Ramesh Vedula, radiation oncologist at the Cancer Institute. 

He says a couple hours in the sun a week won't hurt, but you should check in with your primary care physician about every six months.

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