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LMHS Offers New Breast Cancer Screening Technology for Dense Breast Tissue

LMHS Offers New Breast Cancer Screening Technology for Dense Breast Tissue

posted on: 1/11/2023 10:44:35 AM

Lima Memorial Health System is now offering the InveniaTM ABUS 2.0 (Automated Breast Ultrasound System) in addition to 3D mammography screenings for women with dense breast tissue. The InveniaTM ABUS 2.0 system is designed to enhance the consistency, reproducibility and sensitivity of breast ultrasound, improving the detection of cancers in dense breast tissue that may not be found with mammography alone.

Radiologists can experience difficulty when reading mammograms because both dense tissue and cancer appear white on a mammogram. The ABUS imaging shows suspicious masses as black against the white, dense tissue, and has the potential to find up to 35.7 percent additional cancers, providing even greater patient care to our community.

“The ABUS will truly be an integral part of our comprehensive breast cancer screening services,” says Dr. Darlene Weyer, Women’s Health Center Medical Director at Lima Memorial. “With the ABUS, we will be able to improve the early detection of small cancers in women with dense breast tissue and save more lives in our community.”

Dr. Weyer recommends that women receive yearly mammograms as suggested by their doctor, and if they have been informed they have dense breast tissue, they should speak with their doctor or radiologist to determine if a screening using the ABUS (in addition to a mammogram) would be beneficial. 

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