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Choroidal dystrophies

Choroidal dystrophies

Choroideremia; Gyrate atrophy; Central areolar choroidal dystrophy


Choroidal dystrophy is an eye disorder that involves a layer of blood vessels called the choroid. These vessels are between the sclera and retina.

In most cases, choroidal dystrophy is due to an abnormal gene, which is passed down through families. It most often affects males, starting in childhood.

The first symptoms are peripheral vision loss and vision loss at night. An eye surgeon who specializes in the retina (back of the eye) can diagnose this disorder.

Exams and Tests


The following tests may be needed to diagnose the condition:

  • Electroretinography
  • Fluorescein angiography
  • Genetic testing




Clinical trials have been underway to try to slow the disease progression by injecting a form of the missing genetic material under the retina.




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    • External and internal eye anatomy

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    Tests for Choroidal dystrophies


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