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Payor Updates

Payor Updates


FDR Compliance Newsletter - July 2017

FDR Compliance Newsletter – April 2019

FDR Compliance Newsletter – August 2019

FDR Compliance Newsletter – November 2019


2016 Aetna Medicare Compliance Program Guidelines

Aetna FDR Attestation

Aetna FDR Medicare Compliance Program Training 2016

Aetna FDR Guide

Aetna Medicare Parts C and D General Compliance Training

Aetna Combating Medicare Parts C and D FWA Training


2017 Aetna Medicare Compliance Program Guidelines

Aetna FDR Medicare Compliance Program Guide March 2017





Compliance Education Letter

Caresource Compliance Information

Caresource 4th Quarter Newsletter

Developing Your Own Compliance Plan





Addressing fraud, waste and abuse - 2020

Humana FDR Compliance Tool Kit

Humana Notification to FDRs of CMS Training Requirements Effective 1/1/16

Updates to Inpatient Review Process



Code of Business Conduct & Ethics (informational)



Cultural Competency Training 2019



Payment for "Medicare Part B" Cost Sharing Effective 1/1/16



2018 Opioid Prior Authorization

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The above Physician Finder includes all providers privileged at Lima Memorial Health System and is not limited to participating providers of Cardinal Health Partners, Limited.

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