Biopsy slides to be put under a microscope

Rapid Biopsy Reports

Rapid Biopsy Reports

Waiting for biopsy test results can be stressful. With rapid biopsy processing from Lima Memorial Laboratory Services, you have the option of knowing your results the same day your biopsy is performed.

Our Laboratory use state-of-the-art technology to quickly determine if cancer cells are present in your biopsy. The process only takes a few hours.

Your biopsy tissue is studied twice by a Pathologist: first after rapid microwave processing and later after vacuum infiltration processing. Highly specialized tests are available at Lima Memorial to assist the Pathologist in determining the final diagnosis of your biopsy.

Benefits of Rapid Biopsy Test Results

  • Same-day results
  • No additional charge for the service
  • Fully compliant with all government guidelines for sample processing
  • Results are reported to your physician the same day

You can request rapid biopsy testing from the physician performing your biopsy.

To contact Lima Memorial Women’s Health Center, call 419-998-4497.

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