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Scans of different types of cancer.

Oncology Advancements

Oncology Advancements

While much of our focus the past several months has been on the COVID-19 crisis, the need to support this year’s funding priority – oncology advancements – has never been more important. Early studies are showing new rates of cancer have dropped as our nation paused and important screenings were postponed. This, unfortunately, leads to a secondary crisis of a delayed diagnosis of cancer. The devastating impact will go on long after the coronavirus pandemic tempers down. Together, we have the ability to affect change.

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Every cancer journey starts with an image. Whether a nodule is found through testing or incidentally, having the clearest image possible is vital. The Lima Memorial Foundation is on a mission to elevate our fight against cancer by arming our physicians with advanced resources and the latest in imaging and diagnostic technology to detect and diagnose cancer at its earliest, most treatable stage.



In 2016, the Foundation brought the most sophisticated lung cancer diagnostic capabilities to our region, thanks to community support. This investment is literally saving lives and has positioned Lima Memorial as a regional referral center for lung cancer.


As technology has evolved, significant advancements have been made in diagnostic capabilities. We will introduce state-of-the-art cone beam CT technology, enabling our physicians to precisely access the most challenging tumor locations.

Equally significant, many lung nodules are found incidentally during imaging studies. Statistics show only 30% of incidental findings receive appropriate follow up. We plan to change this statistic by investing in an innovative system to reliably identify and ensure follow up for all incidental findings, including lung nodules. This will enable physicians to systemically track and evaluate nodules to detect any changes that may suggest cancer. With your support, lung cancer cannot hide.


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This year, we are also taking on the other top cancers impacting our region – breast cancer, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer. We will increase access to the most sophisticated 3D breast cancer screening by establishing this technology in a rural community. Additionally, we will expand diagnostic capabilities for prostate and colorectal cancers by adding an MRI surface coil. The coil will be introduced with a brand new, next generation MRI unit. It will provide for accurate staging of colorectal cancer and improve the detection rate of true prostate cancer, reducing the frequency of unnecessary prostate biopsies.  



For more information, contact the Lima Memorial Foundation at or 419-226-5087.

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