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Healthcare Reform

Healthcare Reform

In 2010, the United States Congress passed a sweeping healthcare reform bill that will result in the most significant changes to our national healthcare system since the introduction of Medicare nearly 25 years ago. Every person in our country will be touched in one way or another by this sweeping legislation.

Many aspects of healthcare reform will be positive; other aspects will be challenging. Some have already been introduced; in 2014, many more initiatives will begin, and other changes will follow in the years to come. As these changes come into effect, we will know much more about the impact the reforms will have on the individuals and businesses in our community and Lima Memorial Health System itself.

As a leading medical center, we have become an authority on healthcare reform, committed to help simplify and clarify the healthcare reform process. That is why we encourage you to revisit this page to find some of the most up-to-date developments about the new law – so you can make the most informed choices.

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