A patient being examined



Speech Therapy provides speech and language evaluations and therapy for children and adults, guided by speech-language pathologists and other licensed professionals.

Speech Therapy Services

  • Modified barium swallow tests to examine swallowing problems
  • Oral motor / feeding and dysphagia program to help patients with motor or sensory problems feed themselves
  • Aphasia program to treat patients for language disorders due to brain damage
  • Cognitive evaluation and therapy to improve function in different areas of the brain
  • Voice therapy to improve pitch, loudness or voice quality when speaking
  • Therapy for stuttering or other problems with speaking fluently
  • Apraxia therapy to help patients with motor disorders learn to speak normally and socially
  • Dysarthria therapy to improve the speech of people who cannot coordinate mouth movements
  • Videostroboscopy test, which allows the therapist to evaluate the function and motion of the vocal cords and surrounding anatomy using a digital computer and strobe light.

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